She pretty much nailed it. I can’t believe she extracted so much information from a simple survey, nearly all of which seems spot on to me.
— Father of a teen boy

Temperament Assessment

This is GREAT! What a super helpful tool!
— Father of a toddler

Thank you for sending the temperament reports. I’ve been looking around at temperament literature and it is very helpful to confirm what I thought I knew and learn some new things about how to interpret their behaviors. I am very interested in discussing with you.
— Mother of a toddler and new baby

I took your advice and it worked! Thank you so much Dr Melissa for looking into his fussing so carefully. I am so grateful!!!
— New mother of 1 month old baby

The personal support is Awesome!
— Mother of a newborn
We are so grateful for your care. You really go above and beyond all expectations. You are the best!
— Parents of a newborn

We deeply appreciate you taking the time to meet with all of us. Having some concrete strategies in place that we can agree on makes us feel better prepared and better able to form a united front as we work through smoothing out bedtime and handling other transitions.
— Mother of toddler and newborn
It was such a joy meeting you today. You really know how to put a new mother and father at ease.
— Parents of a newborn

Thank you so much for a wonderful discussion today! I am beyond intrigued and really think this helped put my baby’s behavior into perspective for me.
— New mother after a Temperament Talk.