Dr Melissa On-Call

Pediatricians have limited time to address common parenting concerns. Most have very little, if any, specialized experience in parenting methods. Dr Melissa makes time for your questions. She has the unique qualifications and experience to reliably address your concerns. She gives as much, or as little, support as you need.

Text Support

All primary care patients have access to a doctor in office and on-call via telephone service 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. However, Dr Melissa is rarely on-call for the office.

Direct access to text Dr Melissa’s cell number is the most convenient means of communication with her when you have quick questions or need advice. Text support is a separate, additional service only available for a fee. The hours are limited to daytime and evening. Text support is not available at night and is not intended for urgent or emergent issues. At this time it is not billed through the practice or covered by insurance. Text support is only available to Dr Melissa’s current primary care patients that have agreed to pay privately for this service.