Services and Pricing


Assessment and Observation

Temperament Profile

Quickly and easily get to know your child’s behavioral style.


When your child does something, do you wonder what it means? Send a video of the behavior and find out!



Temperament Review

A temperament Review is an in-depth summary of important insights and guidance based on the results of your Temperament Profile.

Personal Plan

Do you want to know more about your child’s unique personality and what issues you are likely to encounter? Do you have a problem and need help finding a peaceful solution?

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Dr Melissa On-Call

Signature Support

Ask questions or get advice with Dr Melissa’s direct text support!

Schedule a consult with Dr Melissa to discuss a plan that meets your needs.

A brief scheduled call, text or Live Chat for general parenting questions, follow up questions after other services, and other non-urgent requests.



Home Visits Plus Support

Essential Connection

Home or Hospital visit, insight into your baby’s behaviors, parenting guidance, 3 months of continued support and a unique connection with your new baby.

*New York Metro only

Ideal for Newborn - 3 months old

Ready to talk? Text 917-789-6548

Home visit, insight into your baby’s behaviors, parenting guidance and a unique connection with your baby.

Ideal for 3 months - 12 months older

For parents needing less support.

*New York Metro only

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Temperament Talks

Dr Melissa hosts community workshops to teach about temperament and behavior. Frequent topics include temperament characteristics and infant behavior, sleep solutions, feeding problems, soothing a crying infant, and toddler discipline. She accepts speaker invitations and is available for private small group workshops. Contact Dr Melissa for more information.