Parenting Solutions

Sleep, Feeding, and Crying

Quick Fix

Frequently, Dr melissa can offer solutions to issues without having to do an in-depth analysis. The power of the temperament test is in its speed and accuracy. With this information, she can rapidly get to the heart of an issue to answer your most pressing questions.

Sleep Advice

Feeding Support

Soothing Guidance


Thank you so much for a wonderful discussion today! I am beyond intrigued and really think this helped put my baby’s behavior into perspective for me.
— Teresa P, New Mother

Personal Plans

Solutions tailored to fit your child’s behavioral style.

  • Includes an evaluation and initial consult to get started

  • provides a clear understanding of how your child’s temperament translates into the behavior you see

  • explains which behaviors you could better understand

  • gives important insight into potential challenges

  • reveals the hidden strength of your child’s temperament

  • provides advice and insight into a compatible parenting solution for specific problems

  • Includes a comprehensive phone or video consult

  • common issues include sleep training, feeding difficulty, excessive crying, tantrums, or generally feeling overwhelmed and confused by your child’s behavior. *Dr Melissa also offers conflict resolution for parents of older children and teens


We deeply appreciate you taking the time to meet with all of us. Having some concrete strategies in place that we can agree on makes us feel better prepared and better able to form a united front as we work through smoothing out bedtime and handling other transitions.
— Anne Allen, mother of a toddler and new baby