Personal Support

Dr Melissa On-Call

Pediatricians have limited time to address common parenting concerns. Most have very little, if any, specialized experience in parenting methods or behavior modification (training and discipline). Dr Melissa makes time for your questions. She has the unique qualifications and experience to reliably address your concerns. She gives as much or as little support as you need. For maximum convenience, you can choose a Support Subscription to get the most direct on call access when you need it.

Signature Support

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Services include:

  • answers to common parenting concerns and questions

  • feeding and lactation support

  • soothing and sleep guidance

  • expert problem solving for a variety of common issues

  • discipline or behavior modification

Contact Dr Melissa to set up an individualized plan, or choose the convenience of a Support Subscription.

We are so grateful for your care. You really go above and beyond all expectations. Thank you. You are the best!
— Mary W, New mother

Express Support

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For general questions, follow up after other services, and non-urgent requests, a brief call or Chat gets you the support you need.


The text support is Awesome!
— Maria K, New Mom