New Connections

Home Visits Plus Support

Dr Melissa sees the meaning in an infant’s most subtle behavior. She not only brings cues to your attention, but also explains how your baby is best soothed and what special care may be needed. This advice is not for just any baby. This individual insight is for only your baby. Connecting with your baby’s temperament is fun and extremely useful. Parents say they feel more at ease after meeting with Dr Melissa.

Essential Connection

Newborn - 3 months


A comprehensive and personal experience, the essential connection includes:

  • 90 min in person home visit

  • behavior observation

  • temperament profile

  • 3 months of personal support via text, chat, email, and scheduled calls

  • feeding and lactation support

  • soothing and sleep guidance

  • expert problem solving for a variety of common issues

    *By invitation only

We are so grateful for your care. You really go above and beyond all expectations. Thank you. You are the best!
— New parents

Complete Connection

3 month - 12 months

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For parents seeking insight and guidance who don’t need much additional support, the complete connection offers:

  • 90 min in person home visit

  • behavior observation

  • temperament profile

  • 30 minute phone consult

  • interpret the meaning of the behavior you see

  • insight into soothing, feeding, and sleep

  • identify compatible parenting methods

    *By request or invitation only

It was such a joy meeting you today. You really know how to put a new mother and father at ease. Thank you again.
— New parents