Breastfeeding Doctor

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is natural but not necessarily easy. It’s important to get support early on to avoid common issues. Even if you get a late start, or are having difficulty when you think it should be getting easier, you can still benefit from continued breastfeeding support. Dr Melissa spent 13 years helping newborns and mothers initiate breastfeeding, while working in the NICU and Nursery as an attending pediatrician. She not only provided lactation counseling but she also trained nurses and other professionals how to support breastfeeding. She is a certified Breastfeeding Trainer through the Baby Friendly initiative.

Dr Melissa uses her expertise in temperament and behavior to encourage interest, improve latch, and increase efficiency of feedings.

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Parents love the convenience of texting Dr Melissa to ask questions about breastfeeding, tips to increase or maintain milk supply, and support when issues arise.