Parenting Support

Dr Melissa uses Temperament Assessments to determine your child’s behavioral style. Caregivers complete an online questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes. Results are easy to understand and include a personalized interpretation with helpful parenting advice. With this information, Dr Melissa can give parenting guidance and support that is based on scientific evidence as well as her expert opinion. $49


She pretty much nailed it. I can’t believe she extracted so much information from a simple survey, nearly all of which seems spot on to me.
— Father, about his son’s Temperament Profile

Mental Health Evaluations

Dr Morrissey offers convenient neuropsychological evaluations and mental health screening for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ODD, Autism, and adjustment and behavior problems. As insurance coverage is becoming more restrictive, and high deductible plans place more of the financial burden on families, it is important that parents choose wisely when seeking mental and behavioral health evaluations. An initial evaluation at a well-known center in New York City has an out-of-pocket cost of $4500-6000. Dr Morrissey provides the same evaluations, at a fraction of the cost, by selecting only the most relevant assessments, saving you both time and money. Average testing cost:


Testing fees are due at the time of service but may be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. In-person consults scheduled at Battery Park Pediatrics are billed to your insurance as non-preventative visits subject to your individual provider’s copay and deductible fees and limits.