Assessment and Observation

Dr Melissa uses Temperament and Behavior Assessments to help you understand your child’s temperament type.

Temperament Profile

Want to find out your child’s behavioral style?


Complete an online questionnaire to quickly find out. The test is age specific, starting at 1 mo of age. Results are easy to understand and include a personalized interpretation with helpful parenting advice. It takes just 10 minutes on any digital device.


She pretty much nailed it. I can’t believe she extracted so much information from a simple survey, nearly all of which seems spot on to me.
— Father, about his son’s Temperament Profile

 Behavior Observation

What does it mean?


Send a video clip and find out!

Dr Melissa will help you find the meaning of the behavior you see. This understanding takes some of the guess-work out of parenting. You will be asked to provide information on an intake form, and to submit a video for her to observe the behavior in question.


After I sent you the video, I took your advice and it worked! Thank you so much Dr Melissa for looking into his fussing so carefully. I am so grateful!!!
— New mother after a Video Behavior Assessment