Dr Melissa’s Wonder Winks Method

What are Wonder Winks?

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Wink /wiNGk/; a subtle sign of non-verbal communication. Its meaning is dependent on the situation, relationship, and a receptive observer.


Winks are cues

Infants will commonly open or close just one eye. This “wink” can have different, and significant, meanings. From a cautious peek to resourceful self calming, a wink can tell Dr Melissa a lot about how your baby responds to their new environment.

A wink of sleep

Newborn sleep patterns vary widely. The transition to sleeping at night can depend on how the environment fits with your baby’s natural tendencies. Unlike standard sleep training methods, the focus is on your individual baby’s internal clock and a realistic “best case” scenario when all factors are considered. When Dr Melissa helps you to understand your baby’s temperament, it can make the difference between an easy transition or sleep deprivation.

Quick as a wink soothing

Crying can be expected, but an infant that cries a lot warrants a closer look. You need to understand why your baby is crying and how she is best soothed. For babies who have a tendency to keep crying once they get started, Dr Melissa can show you how to avoid a meltdown before it starts.

Dr Melissa trained with Dr T Berry Brazelton, one of the world’s most well-known pediatricians and child development experts.

Dr Brazelton taught her how to observe and interpret infant behavior, and to provide expert guidance to new parents. His methods and mentorship are the inspiration for Wonder Winks.

Dr Melissa is on-call to support you when you need it most. She’s an all-in-one breastfeeding doctor, sleep guide, and baby expert. She helps you be more confident, even from the very first days, with temperament based insight, guidance, and support.

Step by Step

Step 1:

Choose an Evaluation Method

Choose between an online Temperament Test or Behavior Observation to determine your baby’s behavioral style.

Schedule a free consult to discuss your options for individual guidance and support.

Step 2:

Get Guidance

Get a Personal Plan: an in-depth understanding of your baby, a guide to future challenges, and advice to resolve specific issues.

Step 3:

Choose a level of Support

Choose to get Direct Express Support as needed or Subscription Support.

Schedule an Express Consult whenever you have a question. Select a preferred method, either live chat, video consult, or scheduled phone call.

Why are children so different? Because each has their own temperament!

Insight and Guidance

Dr Melissa helps you understand your child’s behavioral responses and tendencies. She uses temperament and behavior assessments, observation, and a detailed history to identify compatible parenting methods. She helps you avoid common sleep, eating, and discipline issues. You learn how to use temperament as a guide to recognize and choose effective solutions to problems when they arise. Services are personalized to support you as much or as little as needed.

Support and Connection

Parents love the convenience of text and Live Chat with an experienced pediatrician. Video consults and in person visits provide easy access to comprehensive support. Dr Melissa has a knack for seeing the meaning of even the most subtle behavior. She not only brings cues to your attention, but also explains how your baby is best soothed and what special care may be needed. Connecting with your baby’s temperament is also a lot of fun. Parents say they feel more at ease after meeting with Dr Melissa.

More Sleep. Less Crying.

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