Melissa Morrissey MD
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Integrative Behavioral Pediatrics

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Less Stress.

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Parenting Services

Dr Melissa Morrissey is an experienced pediatrician specializing in infant and childhood behavior. She is different from other parenting coaches. She uses scientific measures of temperament to tailor guidance and support to match your baby’s behavioral style. Dr Melissa knows that temperament is the key to peaceful parenting.

Baby Expert

Working with Dr Melissa helps you to avoid confusion. She teaches you how to use temperament as a guide to recognize and choose the best parenting methods for your family. Her goal is for you to be able to make effective decisions on your own. She helps you to solve common issues like sleep training, feeding problems, and colic.

Holistic Behavioral Health

Dr Morrissey offers neuropsychological evaluations to address concerns about behavioral problems, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD, ODD and Autism. She is available for consultations at Battery Park Pediatrics. Standard assessments are scientifically proven to provide valid and reliable results. They are an essential part of every initial psychological and developmental evaluation. However, in a time when insurance coverage is becoming more restrictive, and high deductible plans place more of the financial burden on families, it is important that parents choose wisely when engaging a specialist. Dr Morrissey helps you save time and money by offering assessments at a fraction of the cost of an initial evaluation with a specialist. You can use the results to better understand your child, and also to help decide if you should pursue further evaluations. Dr Morrissey is also available for continued medical management for previously diagnosed or uncomplicated ADHD.

Testing is not covered by insurance.

Mission: To help families in a way that betters their relationships, allows them to thrive, and brings peace and joy to the parenting process.